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Introducing Sanctum, where tradition meets innovation in the world of luxurious sleep. Our brand brings together the timeless artistry of British craftsmanship with the opulence of natural fillings, all enhanced by cutting-edge Pocket Spring technology. Revel in the comfort of up to 14,000 individual Pocket Springs, offering unparalleled support for a truly rejuvenating night's rest. Experience the epitome of luxury and comfort with Sanctum beds.

Discover the essence of tailored comfort with our Pocket Collection. Crafted to conform to your body's unique profile and weight distribution, these mattresses are engineered to minimize pressure points, promoting optimal blood circulation for a superior sleep experience. Each mattress is meticulously hand-tufted, with borders stitched by skilled artisans to ensure consistent comfort and support across the entire sleeping surface. Elevate your sleep quality with our expertly crafted Pocket Collection.

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Highgrove was delighted to receive the Best Stand Award at the recent Minerva Show held at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire


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